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The Museum

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About the Museum


CHANG, Chi-Wen



M.A. of Graduate Institute of Art Studies, National Central University



Chief of Visual and Performing Arts Division, Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government

Chief of Arts and Culture Promotion Division, Cultural Affairs Department, New Taipei City Government



2004 Senior Examination for the Civil Service (culture administration)

2020 Training for Promotion from Junior Rank to Senior Rank


Directors since 2000

The New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum was established on January 3, 2000, opened on November 26 of the same year:

  • CHANG, Chi-Wen (Director, 2022.01.11 – )
  • WU, Hsiu-Tzu (Director, 2016.08.29 – 2022.01.09)
  • CHEN, Chun-Lan (Director, 2013.07.11 – 2016.08.28)
  • YU, Jan-Chi (Director, 2004.10.02 – 2013.07.10)
  • WU, Chin-Fong (Director, 2000.01.03 – 2004.10.02)



Manage affairs at the museum while directing and supervising the staff.



Assist the director in the management, supervision, and execution of the affairs at the museum.


Collection & Exhibition Dept.

The acquisition, research and collection of ceramic works; the planning, design, execution, maintenance and management of exhibitions related to the culture of ceramics.


Educational Promotion Dept.

The planning, design and execution of educational activities and the promotion events relayed to ceramics.


Marketing Dept.

The marketing of goods and products of the Museum, customer services, news and media, community relations, and culture-based tourism.


Operation & Administration Dept.

Research and evaluation, legislation, archives, purchase, cash receipt recording, maintenance, building management, security, information management, admissions, and matters that fall outside of the responsibilities of the other units.



Manage annual and regular budgets as per law, takes statistics.


Personnel Administration

Manage the personnel as per law.