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Programs and Activities

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Children's Hands-on Activities


The Museum offers pottery design classes for children aged 4 to 10 years old, with regular new themes that are adorable and educational, allowing children to experience the fun of pottery through hands-on activities.


Adults' Hands-on Activities


For pottery lovers above 4 years old, the Museum offers hands-on classes with regular new themes, making learning pottery easy and fun.


Ceramic Studio Classes


For ceramics professionals and pottery lovers, we offer studio classes on knowledge and techniques in ceramics taught by professional instructors or ceramic artists.


Film Viewings


Every day of the week, ceramics-related films are screened at the Lecture Hall on the B1 floor, at around 25 minutes per screening. (For the screening schedule, refer to on-site announcements. Screenings are suspended during special events.)


Seasonal Events


The Museum organizes seasonal public events that are both fun and educational.

March to April: Crunchy Plum Making

July to August: Summer Vacation Events

November to December: Museum Anniversary Events