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Open Call ! Taiwan Ceramics Biennale 2024 !

The Call for Submissions for the 2024 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale!


1.      Purpose:

The Taiwan Ceramics Biennale which is held by New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum began looking for international submissions in 2004. By initiating dialog between Taiwan’s ceramics community and the rest of the world, the biennale has gained esteem and attention from the world’s ceramics communities. It is one of the most exciting cultural events in New Taipei City and in the world. The 2024 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale continues to uphold its initial missions. We are inviting passionate artists to reach new heights of creativity and to contribute to the fields of ceramics, contemporary art and culture.


2.      Event organizers:

(1)      Supervisor: Ministry of Culture.

(2)      Organizers: New Taipei City Government and Cultural Affairs Department.

(3)      Executive Organizer: New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum.


3.      Languages: Mandarin Chinese and English.


4.      Entry qualifications:

Ceramic artists from all over the world are encouraged to participate. There are no restrictions on nationality or age.


5.      Awards and obligations:

(1)     Levels of awards:

A. Grand Prix (1 piece): a prize of NT$1,000,000, as well as NT$500,000 (Maximum) funding for a solo exhibition production and the winner signs a separate agreement with the Yingge Ceramics Museum to must produce a solo exhibition before the end of 2027; a certificate and a trophy.

B.  Gold Award (1 piece): NT$600,000, a certificate and a trophy.

C.  Silver Award (1 piece): NT$400,000, a certificate and a trophy.

D. Bronze Award (1 piece): NT$250,000, a certificate and a trophy.

E.  Special Mentions (9 pieces): NT$50,000 and a certificate (each).

F.   Jury’s Recommendations (7 pieces): a certificate (each).

G. Selected Works (approximately 60 pieces): a certificate of selection (each).

H. The awards may remain vacant depends on the consensus of the jurors.


(2)     Travel and accommodation subsidies:

A. The Grand Prix, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards’ recipients are each eligible for three days’ accommodation arranged by the Museum.

B.  Winners above coming from abroad will receive round-trip economy-class airfare to Taiwan. Winners from Taiwan will get financial help for their travel expenses (only public transportation) to and from the Museum.


(3)     Exhibition & Artist Residency Program:

A. The Grand Prix, Gold and Silver Awards’ winners are invited to join the artist-in-residency program during the exhibition opening.

B.  In addition to the abovementioned subsidized travel expenses, the Museum will assist each winner during the residency:

a.    Each resident-artist will have a daily stipend: NT$600 pre-tax per day, for a maximum of 90 days.

b.   Fees for art-related purchases (basic materials for creation) during the residency, for no more than NT$30,000 (Invoices are required for payment).

c.    Each artist will have their own room for lodging, and a semi-open working environment.

C.  If it is impossible for a prizewinner to participate in the artist-in-residency program during the time of the biennale’s exhibition, they may defer the completion of the residency to the end of 2027, but in that case, the cost of the round-trip airfare must be borne by the artist.

D. If a prizewinner cannot participate in the artist-in-residency program, then associated privileges shall be considered forfeited.


(4)     Obligations for winners:

A. All monetary prizes are subject to tax withholding, as per the tax laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan). (20% is withheld for non-citizens, and 10% for Taiwanese citizens.)

B.  The Museum will acquire the works that win the Grand Prix, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards. These works shall become the property of the Yingge Ceramics Museum, and their copyright shall transfer to the Museum. After deliberation by the Collection Review Committee of the Museum, the works will be included in the collection of the Museum.

C.  The prizewinners will also be required to participate in the promotional activities to be held throughout the exhibition. (Precise times to be announced.)

D. During the residency, the artists need to respect the Museum’s regulations for living in the artists’ village, participate in some educational events of the Museum, carry out artistic proposals and community-engagement suggestions, and create one piece of artwork for the Museum for educational and outreach purposes.

       E. For the detailed rules of the residency program, the artist must sign an agreement on the Yingge Ceramics Museum’s International Artist Residency Program for the 2024 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale.


6.      Submission and selection:

(1)     The work should be primarily ceramic. There is no restriction on subject-matter, as long as clay or ceramics is used for more than half of the work.

(2)     Each artist may submit up to 2 works. Artists working in a group should designate one person as a representative (and provide a complete list of the members of the group).

(3)     Dimensions: No single side of the work may exceed 150 cm, and no single side of the work after installation may exceed 250 cm. After packing up the artwork, the package’s length, width or height must not exceed 150 cm.

(4)     The work should have been created in 2021 or more recently. The work may not have won a previous award or have been a finalist (selected or shortlisted) in another competition. It must be an original work.

(5)     The selection will include two stages (Preliminary Selection and Final Selection):

A. Preliminary Selection:

a.    Planned for October and November 2023, based on the photos of the works.

b.   Provide 3 to 5 photos from different angles of the submission (artwork to be considered for the competition). Also include photos of 1 or 2 extra works (for jurors to reference), with one image for each extra work. Keep the backgrounds plain and the works crisp and in focus.

c.    Extra images are just supplemental references to help jurors understand your art and do not affect the scores, and there are no restrictions on when those works were made.

d.   The format of the image files should be JPG. Each file should be between 3MB and 5MB. Clearly label the file names, which must either be “Submission - [Title]” or “Reference - [Title]”.

B.  Final Selection: Planned for April and May 2024. The actual artworks will be physically inspected.


7.      Tentative timeline:

(1)     Registration:

A. The registration is free.

B.  Registration period: From March 1, 2023 to noon, August 31, 2023 ( GMT+08:00).

C.  Registration method: Online only. Please follow the announcement on the official website of the Museum, sign in to the registration system and submit all necessary documents before the deadline.

D. Registration link:

E. If the Museum asks you to submit missing documents, please do so within three days. If the documents or the registration process is incomplete by the deadline, or the time elapses, or the application does not comply with the regulations, the Museum has the right not to accept the application.

F.  If you have any problems with the registration system, please contact the Museum.


(2)     Preliminary Selection’s results and announcement:

A. A work qualifies for the preliminary selection if all the required registration documents arrive at the Museum on or before the specified date.

B.  The results of the preliminary selection will be published on the Museum’s website by November 30, 2023. All qualifying participants in the preliminary selection will also be notified of the results by email, then proceed to the final selection.

C.  If a participant does not receive email notification within 15 days of the abovementioned date, they should check the results of the preliminary selection on the Museum’s website and immediately contact the Museum.

D. A participant who fails to take the initiative to contact the Museum, causing unsuccessful delivery of the work for the final selection, is considered to have voluntarily forfeited.


(3)     Submission of works for the Final Selection:

A. Dates for submitting packaged art: Between January 3, 2024 and March 31, 2024. Please note that during the Lunar New Year holidays (from February 9 to 12, 2024), we do not receive packages.

B.  Contestants need to arrange art transportation by themselves. Confirm the international import and export methods, customs declaration, customs clearance and payment methods. Participants are advised to arrange their own insurance for the process.

C.  Preparation of works: Upon notification of entry to the final selection stage, the participant should begin the preparatory work prior to the designated delivery period. The enclosed label should be affixed to the work, which should then be wrapped in bubble wrap or another suitable packing material. It should then be placed securely in a crate, together with condition reports, instructions for unpacking the crate, and a note of any special installation requirements. On the surface of the crate, paste a copy of the delivery paperwork and a photo of the work. A separate notice containing relevant details will be sent to the participant.

D. Transportation fees: All costs and expenses arising from or in connection with transportation, import and export customs services, administrative work, handling fees, packing fees and shipping insurance shall be borne by the artist.

E.  In-person delivery to the Yingge Ceramics Museum’s designated location: Please first contact the Museum or a third party entrusted by the Museum to arrange the time of delivery.


(4)     Final Selection’s results and announcement:

A. A participant failing to deliver their work on time is considered to have withdrawn from the competition and loses the opportunity for the final selection.

B.  The result of the final selection will be published on the Museum’s website by May 31, 2024. All winners will be notified of the results in writing by email.


(5)     Exhibition: From October 4, 2024 to April 6, 2025.


(6)     Opening ceremony: In October 2024.


(7)     Return of work (either of the following two options; participants should pick one):

A. In person: Those who wish to retrieve their works in person should contact the Museum to arrange a date. If the work is to be retrieved by a third party, the authorized person must present a written proof signed by the participant, and relevant documentation.

B.  Prior arrangement with a professional artwork transportation group entrusted by the Museum:

a.    In this case, the Museum is scheduled to handle the return of participants’ works in April 2025. Packaging, transportation and customs declaration fees would be borne by the Museum.

b.   However, insurance during return and delivery to the participant shall be paid for by the participant.


(8)     The above timeline is tentative. The dates are subject to change at the Museum’s discretion. Check for updates from the Museum.


8.      Insurance:

(1)     Delivery and return: If any insurance is necessary for the packing, transport or delivery, it is the artist’s responsibility. The artist is liable for damage to a work or for an accident during transportation on the work’s arrival in the Museum (or another designated location). Artists are also responsible for damage or loss of the returned art after the exhibition. Since the period of delivery and return is not covered by the Museum’s insurance, artists are advised to arrange their own insurance.

(2)     Arrival of the work:

A. After the package is delivered to the Museum (or another designated location), if the package is not marked with unpacking instructions, or if the package is not secured, or if the work is found to be damaged when unpacking, the artist will be informed. To ensure incident-free transportation, please pack the works carefully.

B.  When the work is checked and confirmed by the Museum to be accurate and intact, the Museum will be responsible for the artwork’s insurance.

C.  Insured period: from the time the Museum unpacks the package for inspection, during the selection period, preparation, exhibition, and return (or before the return deadline).

D. The Museum will take proactive measures to protect the works after receiving them. However, the Museum cannot be liable for loss or damage caused by unpredictable incidents (such as natural disasters) that are not caused by the Museum, or the works that are fragile in nature, or inadequate structural installation.

E.  The Museum is responsible for the safety of the works during the selection and exhibition. The amount of insurance shall not exceed NT$300,000 (approximately US$10,000) for each insured item. If the artwork is to be insured for more than that, the artist shall cover the cost themselves. In the event of an accident, according to the insurance policy of the Museum, the goal is to restore the work.


9.      Other issues and concerns:

(1)  Participants who complete the registration agree to and abide by the provisions of this document, and will sign a declaration affirming their participation in the competition and exhibition.

(2)  There will be a rush for registration shortly before the deadline. As unanticipated problems might occur, people are advised to register early. Keep the registration receipt, as it has a timestamp. Late registration will not be accepted.

(3)  During the selection and exhibition, artists cannot demand the return, relocation or substitution of the works. The works may not be resubmitted to any other competition or exhibition before the final results are announced.

  (4)   The date, time, regulations, currency and administrative practice which are mentioned in this document in accordance with the law and regulations of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

(5)  The Museum and its authorized parties have the right to use the exhibited works and their images in this competition without monetary compensation for reasonable use, such as education, research, exhibition, photography, translation, publicity, publication, public broadcast and transmission and online use.


10. Dispute resolution:

(1)  In case of doubts arising from this document, the selection process or results, the Museum may ask jurors or experts in related fields to review and verify.

(2)  Entries shall not misappropriate, copy, or plagiarize other works or infringe copyright. If evidence of fraud or misconduct is found, the contestant shall be legally liable and disqualified. Any prize, certificate and trophy must be forfeited and returned to the Museum. If the reputation of the Museum is damaged due to the words or actions of a contestant, the Museum shall pursue legal action against that individual.


11. The Museum reserves the right to modify, correct, remove and add information to this document or another part of this competition. If a passage in this document is ambiguous, the Museum reserves the right of final interpretation. If the Museum updates this document, it will make public announcements regarding the amendments.


12. Contact details:

-         Address: No. 200, Wenhua Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City (postal code: 239218), Taiwan.

-         Telephone: 886-2-8677-2727, extension 509 (Ms. Huang of the Collection & Exhibition Department).

-         Fax: 886-2-8677-4034

-         Email: